March 2017

4th year Engineering student publishes a math book!

January 25th, 2016

We are delighted to congratulate Serikbolsyn Duisembay, active member of Math Club and 4th year Engineering student, on publishing a new math book.

The book contains multiple choice tasks and logic problems which are very useful for applicants to Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools and Kazakh-Turkish high schools

This is counted as Serikbolsyn’s contribution to math of our country. 

We wish him a great success in future career!


About the book:

This book is high qualityqualitatively and with various aspects prepare the sixth grade students to enter the NIS and KTL. The book contains tests for each topic on the school curriculum. Also, exam questions with solutions are provided to improve critical thinking of students. In addition, different exercises on spatial thinking help improve the knowledge of the pupils.

India book