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About Nazarbayev University School of Engineering

Nazarbayev University School of Engineering aims to be the leading school of engineering in Kazakhstan as well as in the Central Asian region. The School’s objective is to ensure that its graduates are well-prepared to meet the growing demand for flexible professional practitioners in the fields of chemical, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering, to work as the good inventors, scientists, managers and advisersThe School of Engineering provides a student-centered holistic approach to educating engineers who will be future leaders of Kazakhstani industry sectors. The life of an engineering student is filled with exciting activities. Besides lectures, tutorials, laboratories and traditional coursework, at NU School of Engineering there are many project-based assignments, competitions, exhibitions, workshops, industry visits and organized problem-solving discussions that will enable our students not only to “think outside the box”, but also to gain valuable experience. Our students are actively engaged into many social and sport activities including those organized by the Engineering Society.Our professors come from all over the world to share their knowledge and fascinating experience with our talented students. School of Engineering has the highest entry requirements at the University, and now we have more than 1000 gifted students studying at our School.

It is anticipated that our engineers would be in high demand because of the quality education they would have received and the status of Nazarbayev University as a world Class University in engineering education. Many of our graduates will certainly become tomorrow’s leaders of the Central Asia and Eurasia’s engineering community.

Life is an Adventure in the School of Engineering!

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Why us?
What is Engineering?

Engineering is the art of problem solving. Engineering is the integration of science and technology to the improvement of quality of life on earth and in harmony with the nature. The sky is no longer the limit, thus, this goal is asymptotically towards the empoverment of every single human being in our planet.

Engineering combines all fields of science to build and improve the world around us, to offer human beings better quality of living and welfare.

What really distinguishes an engineer is the ability to implement ideas in a cost effective and practical approach. This ability to take a thought, or abstract idea, and translate it into reality is what distinguishes an engineer from other fields of science and mathematics.

Why Engineering? An engineer, while studying, learns skills/tools which can be applied across disciplines and almost everywhere and later while working one can take challenges and create new systems using these skills. Engineering offers great rewards and opens big opportunities for those who endeavour. While Engineering is the application of existing knowledge in order to create systems for the well-being of society at large, at Nazarbayev University we also do research to create new knowledge to add on the existing sphere of understanding. Engineers create and innovate for a better future, with strong social responsibility. As an engineer you can always see what you did as a tangible impact in the society and the planet. Always seeing what you have done, creates a particular ethical commitment to do things right. By dreaming up creative and practical solutions, engineers are changing the world all the time. Engineers are highly estimated all over the world, being an engineer you will never be bored, enjoy job flexibility, solve problems, design things that matter and change the world!

Make yourself to engineer the world! 

Be the creator not the follower!

Welcome Message from the Dean
Welcome to the School of Engineering at Nazarbayev University. We are the first Western University established in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Established in 2010, our ambition is to become a world-class research University. The School of Engineering has four Departments – Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. There are plans to establish two new departments in the new future – the Industrial and System Engineering Department and the Biomedical Engineering Department. The programs, designed for ABET accreditation, offer a holistic education with a strong grounding in scientific and mathematical fundamentals, appreciation in humanities, social sciences and entrepreneurship. Our students are the greatest assets of our University. We put high priority in educating our students both inside and outside the classroom. Strong emphasis is placed on the internationalization for our student experience. This includes conference attendance, overseas exchanges and industrial attachment. This is crucial for the students to broaden their cultural experience and develop global perspectives. We also encourage undergraduate students to take part in research projects under the supervision of a faculty member. All these constitute an excellent experiential learning experience for our students to prepare them either for further studies or a career as an engineer. It is our ambition to be a world-class research university. A new research strategy for both the University and the School of Engineering will be established with the aim to achieve research excellence and impact in both the international and Kazakh communities. To facilitate this objective, substantial funding had been injected to upgrade the research facilities and environment through: the procurement of new and advanced research capital equipment; a brand-new research building is scheduled to open in December 2018; and the strengthening of the support and internationalization of our graduate student body. Most importantly, the quality of our faculty members is a key factor in achieving these lofty goals.  For this reason, we place top priority in the recruitment and retention of high-quality faculty members from all over the world. Whether you are a prospective student or a potential candidate for a faculty position, I invite you to explore our website for additional information on our programs, curricula, requirements and course offerings, and to discover more about our faculty, staff and students.  If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to either contact the heads of departments or myself. . Dr. Charles Surya Dean of the School of Engineering
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