About Us

Bazarbek Nurbolat

To begin with, it is a great honor and pleasure to able to study in such an educational place as the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering at Nazarbayev University. The vital feature I would like to highlight is the way of professional treating to international students which has enormously affected my performance solely in a positive way. At the start of the courses, studying curriculum seemed quite comprehensive and expected to be challenging. However, along with the time and help of friendly staff, students get a solid background in electrical engineering by learning a lot of different concepts and utilizing in a practical way. In the meantime, it is essential to mention that the university has given an opportunity to become a part of the community full of talented and hardworking people who share their experiences with each other. In addition, the time spent in the walls of the university was not only focused on studying the concepts of electrical engineering but likewise, there are many activities that helped students to improve their skills in different fields of self-realization namely as presentational, team-working and communicational qualities. Finally, one of the most important parts of my life has been devoted to intentionally finding good friends with similar interests in both personal and professional terms.

Bazarbek Nurbolat
class 2018,  Electrical and Electronic Engineering (current Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Madi Aldabergen

Aldabergen, Madi

My current role is to help Dubai to become the most innovative city in the world by 2021. I am doing it by managing a portfolio of two startup accelerator programs for the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority with more than 20 companies in the fields of energy efficiency, Artificial Intelligence (AI), water generation, Internet of Things, etc. The idea is to integrate the latest technologies into the city’s ecosystem and give the startups a chance to scale-up and enter new markets.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that I got where I am today thanks to my Alma Mater and School of Engineering. One of the main takeaways from my Bachelor’s, after getting the knowledge and skills as well as meeting some of the brightest young leaders of our country, was a state of mind. School of Engineering has taught me how to think globally, try to avoid biases and make strategic decisions. I learned to ask the right questions in order to get the right answers. We received so much support from our professors and TAs that instead of just asking “why”, we used to say “why not” and try some new and fun ways of solving the problems.

For me, NU School of Engineering was a place where I could make an impact and turn my ideas into tangible solutions. Some of the most precious memories for me are the team assignments. We had a chance to code a robot to exit a maze, develop a project plan for an off-shore oil platform or build an exoskeleton to help people of determination. With a great support of our professors, I was also able to participate in the summer research program in Saudi Arabia, which gave me a better understanding of my field and shaped my future career path.

I constantly stay in touch with my University friends and staff. Together we are working on developing entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem of Kazakhstan by interlinking it with global players. Our vision is to make Kazakhstan the strongest tech innovation hub in the region.

Madi Aldabergen, Dubai
class 2016,  Electrical and Electronic Engineering (current Electrical and Computer Engineering))

Alimbayev &co

Alimbayev, Talgat

I graduated from NU in 2016 with BEng in Mechanical Engineering.
Right after that I moved to Russia to join Continental AG, major tire manufacturer. I had worked in Kaluga, a city in Russia where Continental has a plant, for 9 months and after that I moved to headquarters of Continental in Hannover, Germany. I worked there for another 9 months. While working at Conti I realized that I would prefer to do research and decided to pursue PhD.
NU equipped with knowledge, skills and friends. I learned how to learn here and this is the most important skill. The friends I made at NU are the best friends I could hope for.

Thank you NU. Talgat.

In the photo I'm the one on the left. Everyone in this photo is from NU and all of them do PhD here in the States. From left to right: me (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Mergen Alimaganbetov (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University), Galiya Magazova (The University of Notre Dame) and Mansur Zhussupbekov (Cornell University)

Talgat, Alimbayev, USA
class 2016,  Mechanical Engineering

Magazova, Galiya

The School of Engineering at NU gave me fundamental knowledge in core disciplines. As a part of my current studies in PhD program I had to take advanced core classes and my performance was quite high. This implies that I had sufficient background from NU, indeed it helped me a lot, I never had to worry about my grad classes.

Another cool experience that I had from NU was opportunity to study at UC Berkeley for a summer term. I still use the skills gained at UCB on my PhD program, and it definitely helped me to get into grad school.

Last but not the least, professors at NU helped me a lot, sharing their experience about PhD, writing me tons of recommendation letters made it possible for my to pursue my career goal.

Galiya Magazova, USA
class 2016,  Chemical Engineering