We welcome all talented and brave applicants to join our professional engineering family! You will be taught by the world-class faculty from all over the world, you will be involver into the vital research projects, contacting the acting enterprises with the career prospective!

*Online application is open until April 1st, 2019!

Scholarship holding Master students reseive 100 000 KZT stipend monthly.

Non-residents of Astana can live in campus (25 000 KZT per semester).

Married Master and PhD students with kids may apply to the appartment rent in campus:  68 000 KZT (1- bedroom) - 98000 KZT (2-bedroom) + utilities cost PER MONTH.



Student housing:

Students are provided with a comfortable accommodation with 1-2 beds in room. Campus has all necessary facilities for comfortable living: canteens, cafe corners, sport centers, pharmacy, shops, workshops, medical center etc.

See family apartments below: