Alexander Ruderman
PhD., Leningrad Polytechnic Institute LPI (St. Peterburg Polytechnic University), 1987
Associate Professor, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nazarbayev University
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Ph.D.: Electromechanical Engineering, Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, Leningrad, USSR, 1981 -1987

M.Sc.: Electrical Engineering, Leningrad Electrical Engineering Institute, Leningrad, USSR, 1974-1980 (with Honors) 


2013 - present:            Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,

                                    School of Engineering, Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan

2006 - 2013:                Chief Scientist, Elmo Motion Control, Petach-Tikva, Israel

2004 - 2013:                Adjunct Professor, Bar Ilan University, Ariel University, Holon Institute of

                                    Technology, Israel

1995 - 2003:                R&D Engineer - Circuit Design, Timing CAD, Power Delivery / Reduction,

                                    Intel Microprocessor Design Center, Haifa, Israel

1991 - 1995:                R&D Engineer - Electrical Drives, Elmo Motion Control, Petach-Tikva, Israel

1980 - 1990:                Senior Researcher and Lecturer at Leningrad Technological Institute,

                                    Electrical Engineering Department, Leningrad, USSR



  1. PWM and Staircase Multilevel Converters Voltage and Current Quality (THD)

  2. Capacitor Natural Voltage Balancing in Multilevel Converters

  3. PWM Induced Iron Core and Permanent Magnet Loss

      4. Multiphase Switched Capacitor Converters with Balanced Switching 

Journal Papers


  1. Thielemans S., Ruderman A., Reznikov B., Melkebeek J. (2012). Improved Natural Balancing with Modified Phase-Shifted PWM for Single-Leg Five-Level Flying-Capacitor Converters. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 27 (4), 1658-1667.
  2. Ruderman A., Reznikov B., Busquets-Monge S. (2013). Asymptotic Time Domain Evaluation of a Multilevel Multiphase PWM Converter Voltage Quality. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 60 (5), 1999-2009.
  3. Ruderman A. (2015). About Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion for Single- and Three-Phase Multilevel Inverters. IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics, 62 (3), 1548-1551.
  4. Ruderman A. (2015). Discussion on “Effect of Multilevel Inverter Supply on Core Losses in Magnetic Materials and Electrical Machines”. IEEE Trans. Energy Conversion, 30 (4), 1804-1805.
  5. Reznikov B., Srndovic M., Familiant Y., Grandi G., Ruderman A. (2016). Simple Time Averaging Current Quality Evaluation of a Single-Phase Multilevel PWM Inverter. IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics, 63 (6), 3605-3615.



Conference Papers


  1. Ornov N., Ruderman A. (2014). Simple Time Domain Analysis of Natural Balancing in Flying Capacitor Stacked Multicell Converters. The 40th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON), Dallas, TX, 1779-1785.
  2. Junussov A., Ruderman A. (2015). Analysis of a Reconfigurable Fibonacci Switched Capacitor Converter with a Multiphase Balanced Switching. International Conference on Power Engineering, Energy and Electrical Drives (POWERENG), Riga, Latvia, 164-169.
  3. Sarmukhanov R., Familiant Y., Ruderman A. (2015). Practical Engineering Approach to Natural Voltage Balancing Analysis in Multilevel Converters with Balance Booster. International Conference on Power Engineering, Energy and Electrical Drives (POWERENG), Riga, Latvia, pp. 188-192.
  4. Koishybay K., Familiant Y., Ruderman A. (2015). Minimization of Voltage and Current Total Harmonic Distortion for a Single-Phase Multilevel Inverter Staircase Modulation. 9th International Conference on Power Electronics (ICPE – ECCE Asia), Seoul, S. Korea, 1203-1208.
  5. Zhaikhan A., Daulbayeva A., Berdygozhin A., Ruderman A. (2016). Novel Voltage Target Ratios and Minimal Norm Principle for Reconfigurable Multiphase Single- and Dual-Output Switched Capacitor Converters. The IET International Conference on Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD), Glasgow, UK, 1-8.

Professor Alexander Ruderman,

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

School of Engineering

Nazarbayev University

Republic of Kazakhstan

Phone: +7 (7172) 70 91 46