December 2018


When does the admission begin? How can I apply to the School?

Admission to the undergraduate programs of the Nazarbayev University Schools is competitive for the available places and held in compliance with the Admission Regulations and considers two options of admission:

  • Direct Admission
  • Transfer Admission

Please use the link in order to get more detailed information.

What are the requirements to apply to the School? What is the fee?

You can find full information regarding requirements of Admission to the undergraduate programs by using the following link:

The students, who successfully passed the entry examinations, study only under state educational grant, which covers the students’ expenses for the whole period of study. Yearly 500 state educational grants are allocated to Nazarbayev University by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in compliance with state educational order since 2010. Training of graduate and PhD students also are carried out within the state educational order, except programs of Graduate School of Business.

Is the dormitary provided? Where is it situated?

Students are provided with comfortable housing and a high level of service. Students dormitory is located within the campus, the cosy rooms are equipped with all required conveniences. There are free Wi-Fi, washing machines and refrigerators on every floor of all the blocks. There are special rooms for the students’ independent work.

What if I miss an exam?

In case you miss the exam and have a valid reason (e.g.: ilness), you must fill the excuse form indicating the date and the name of the course. Also you must attach the evidence which confirms the reasonable excuse (medical certificate). Please note that the medical sertificate must be approved by the University doctor, which is located in the dormitory. You must submit both papers to the School Office.

Once the School Office approves your form, you will have the examination with those who have a resit, but it will be your first attempt. If you fail and meet the attendance requirements you will have an opportunity to resit then.

Can I take dictionary or calculator to the exam?

Students are not allowed to have dictionaries with them on the examinations. The student may take the School approved calculator on the examination. Students are prohibited to have any other types of printed materials and electronic devices in their possession during the examination.

What if I lose my calculator or locker key?

In case you lose the calculator the School have provided you with, you must buy the same one yourself. You must return the calculator and the locker key to the School in case of leaving the School for any reason. If you lose your locker key you may take the original key from the School Office and make a copy. Then you must return the original key to the School Ofiice. If you leave the School you must return both keys.

Shall I return the money in case of withdrawal?

In case of withdrawal the student must return the money for housing and alimentation in case the student has been proviede with that. Also student should return the money for intenational trips (conferences, forums etc.). The money for the education is NOT to be refunded.

If you need to know the procedures for the Foundation programme students, please contact the Department of Student affairs: +7 (7172) 70 63 80, 70 60 86, 70 65 83, 70 60 82

How can I registrer for a course? What are the rules and procedures about the electives?

The School of Engineering must register for the Elective courses and the Kazakh language courses ONLY. Students are enrolled for the core courses automatically. In order to register for the course please follow the prescriptions of the Office of the Registrar: here.

What should I do in case of illness or external conferencs? How my attendance rate will be calculated?

Please be informed that in case of your absence due to reasonable excuse* you must do the following:

1. Download the exuse form here, print it and fill it. ​When you fill the excuse form you must point out which exactly lessons you have missed, the dates of particular classes and the section you belong to. The same concerns the assignments.

2. Attach the evidence paper (medical certificate** or internship/conference confirmation along with the boarding pass) and bring it to the School office. Please print the form yourself as the School office will not do it for you.

* Reasonable excuses are the following:
– illnesses;
– internship/ conference etc. concerning your study process and approved by the School.

** Please note that the mediacal certificates must be signed by the local University doctor. If you have obtained the certificate somewhere else, you must bring it to the University doctor and obtain the certificate there. Then you should attach it to your excuse form and bring it to the school office.

For each lesson (lecture) you obtain 2 pionts, for the missed classes – 0 points. In case your absence is excused, you will have 1 point.

What should I do if I want to change my major?

The student may change the major during first three terms. In order to do that the student must fil the transfer form, which is available on the website of the Office of the registrar. The Student must collect all the signatures indicated there and submit it to the School office. The form must be submitted before the classes start.

May I transfer to another school? What should I do for that?

There are 2 possible types of student transfers/application of credits:
1. Transfer of credits from Outside of NU
2. Transfer between NU Schools (Internal transfers)​

Internal Transfers
It is allowed to change Schools/majors after you have been admitted The university shall consider internal transfer students under the following conditions and requirements:
– The transfer of a student will go into effect in the following semester after approval of the application;
– Check with the School you wish to transfer to for more information. Each School will have its own transfer requirements;

An internal transfer student will only be accepted for transfer based on space availability and at the discretion of the Receiving School.

Internal Transfer Procedures:

  • An internal transfer student shall fill in a transfer form and submit the form to the Dean or other designated person in the receiving School.
  • If the application complies with the stated requirements, the application shall be taken under consideration by the School Admissions Committee.
  • Transfer decisions are mainly based on the applicant’s eligibility, academic performance and English language proficiency.
  • The Admissions Committee shall notify the applicant about the decision taken by the committee (positive or negative) by electronic mail, followed by an official letter.