March 2018

Master’s Programs

Master of Engineering Management

The Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree program is a specialized degree program offered by School of Engineering in partnership with Graduate School of Business at Nazarbayev University. APPLY ONLINE



Master of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The program is designed to provide advanced skills and a detailed knowledge base at the graduate level for individuals working in academia, industry or research settings in Kazakhstan or throughout the world. APPLY ONLINE



Master of Chemical Engineering

All students in the MSc-ChE program will take a number of advanced core courses in key fundamental chemical engineering areas such as transport phenomena, applied mathematics, thermodynamics, kinetics and reaction engineering. APPLY ONLINE



Master of Civil Engineering

This MSc-CE program focusses on Infrastructure Systems, Transportation Systems and Vertical Structures. APPLY ONLINE



Master of Mechanical Engineering

The MSc-ME provides a comprehensive technology preparation for engineers from several disciplines related to the areas of design, maintenance, oil and gas, petrochemical, heat and power generation, food processing, automotive, mining, environment, aerospace and transportation, in perfect alignment with today´s technological challenges. APPLY ONLINE