October 2018

Admissions information

The PhD Admissions process starts at the beginning of the calendar year, where you can register to submit your application package. It is critically important for you to identify the research topic which excites you the most and to determine whether it could be supported at Nazarbayev University. There will be a list of approved PhD topics and potential supervisors to guide you or you can be creative and construct your own topics, so long as your research ideas meet the quality criteria and your application package meets the entry requirements.

Promising candidates will be shortlisted for a detailed interview, where the interview panel will determine the strength of your previous academic performance, suitability of character for the PhD Program and appropriateness of the research topic.

To obtain an idea of potential PhD topics, visit our faculty webpages and search their research profiles. See School of Engineering, School of Science & Technology, School of Mining and Geoscience.

Note: The research proposals do not have to be one of the titles provided in this List, but it is recommended that the research is supported by experts available within the faculty of the Nazarbayev University School of Engineering, School of Science and Technology and School of Mining and Geosciences. Candidates may wish to generate their own titles. We also encourage the PhD candidates to contact potential Faculty Members for additional information on the following PhD topics.

Please see the following list of PhD Topics for 2018/2019 Academic Year:

School of Engineering

School of Science and Technology

School of Mining and Geosciences

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