November 2018

Living in Astana

Welcome to Astana!

Astana is one of the youngest capital of the world with a deep history. Founded in 1997 today Astana is an important political center of Kazakhstan and a growing tourist attraction. When you are in Astana, the city’s architecture is the first thing to catch your eye, as skyline created by talented architects combines modern design with a traditional feel of the Orient. Astana is where East meets West. It’s a young city with something new to explore every day.

There are few countries in the world today with such a variety of ethnic and religious groups as Kazakhstan. The total population of Kazakhstan, where hospitality is a national character trait, makes up about 17 million people. It is a home for over 120 ethnic groups: Kazakhs, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Koreans, Poles, Greeks, Tatars, Turks and many other nationalities. Both national and religious freedom and tolerance are the hallmark of this country where east and west meet to build a happy multinational home in today’s world.

The word Astana in Kazakh literally means Capital. Politics and government are the main economic activities in the capital, which also forms a Special Economic Zone. Since the move, Astana has seen one of the world’s greatest building projects, as oil money has been spent on government buildings, a massive home for the president, a mosque, and numerous parks and monuments.

At present time you can visit many administrative objects, business and entertainment centers in Astana. For example “Baiterek tower which became a symbol and the capital card. The Baiterek Tower is considered Astana’s most famous architectural landmark. The construction height is 105 metres. From viewing platform of 97 metres you can see the picturesque panorama of a modern city. Figure 97 is not casual, it symbolises year of carrying over of capital from Almaty to Astana.

Among the other popular place is Duman entertainment complex. It is the place for public recreation where you can visit the large oceanarium, 3D movie theater, a movie theater, area for slot machines and other interactive games, bowling, a modern night club, casino, beautiful hotel, many cafes and restaurants.

Among other attractions of Astana is the ethnopark called “Map of Kazakhstan – Atameken” presenting a unique outdoor museum. The unique map area of 1.7 hectares featuring different cities and historical memorials of Kazakhstan. It includes more than 200 miniature representations of Kazakh towns, natural features, and historic monuments.

Recently there was opened the Independence Palace where you can see the multipurpose hall on 4,5 thousand places. Impresses the ethnographic hall, its exhibits can tell you about a life and traditions of the Kazakh people. You should visit “Astana” museum in this Palace, art gallery, 4D cinema with special effects, the General layout of building of a city Astana.

One more thing to see is The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation. The 250-foot pyramidal structure was inaugurated in 2006 as a host to The Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, and the five-story structure is an important landmark of Astana.

The city has a variety of sporting teams. The major association football teams are FC Astana and FC Astana-1964. FC Astana competes in the Kazakhstan Premier League and based in Astana Arena. Founded in 2009, Astana won two Kazakhstan Cups and one Kazakhstan Super Cup. FC Astana-1964 is based in Kazhimukan Munaitpasov Stadium and plays in the Kazakhstan First Division, the second tier of football in Kazakhstan. The club’s most successful years were 2000s, when they won Kazakhstan Premier League for 3 times. FC Bayterek is also plays in the Kazakhstan First Division. Astana is home to several professional ice hockey teams. All of the teams based in Kazakhstan Sports Palace. Astana annually hosts President of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Cup ice hockey tournament.