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Message from the Director of the PhD program

Dear PhD Applicant,

Thanks for your interest in our top-notch PhD program in Science, Engineering and Technology at Nazarbayev University.

Nazarbayev University is a growing research university conveniently located in the heart of Eurasia, with a strong commitment to deliver world-class education and research training to our local and international students.

Our internationally recognized faculty, partners and visiting fellows are fully accompanied by growing on-demand research funding, state-of-the-art lab/computer facilities, modern library and classrooms, supported by tremendously diligent and resourceful technical, administrative and managerial staff.

Our PhD Program is jointly supported by the School of Engineering and the School of Science and Technology, focusing on developing a new generation of globally competitive scientists, researchers and developers of new technologies.

With such a tremendous effort in bringing together the finest team, infrastructure and organization, we strive in inviting you, among the best students from Kazakhstan and around the world, to experience together the fantastic journey towards your doctoral degree in a world-class institution.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Luis R. Rojas-Solórzano, Ph.D.

Director of PhD Studies in Science, Engineering and Technology

Associate Professor, School of Engineering

Tel: +7 7172 709144

Email: luis.rojas@nu.edu.kz

  Докторанттар мен зерттеушілерді қолдау

Назарбаев Университетінің Ғылым, инженерия және технология саласындағы PhD бағдарламасы докторанттардың белсенді зерттеуін және интеллектуалды қызметін ынталандырады және қолдайды, сондай-ақ қажетті жабдықтар мен ресурстарды қамтамасыз ету арқылы жоғары сапалы тәжірибе ұсынады.

 Бағдарлама туралы

PhD бағдарламасы бойынша оқу мерзімі - 48 ай.

Бірінші оқу жылында докторанттар міндетті 2 курсты аяқтауы қажет. Сондай-ақ, әрбір студент оқу немесе зерттеу үшін қажетті басқа да қосымша курстарды таңдауға мүмкіндік алады. Бірінші курстың соңында кандидаттар Вива есімді ауызша емтихан тапсыру қажет. Сондай-ақ, оқудың үшінші курсының соңында, студенттер диссертацияны алдын ала ауызша қорғауға міндетті. Бұл емтихандардың мақсаты докторанттың өз жұмысына қосқан ерекше үлесін, сондай-ақ осы саладағы жалпы білім базасын анықтау болып табылады.

Бағдарламаның артықшылықтарының бірі - халықаралық серіктестікті нығайтуға және халықаралық тәжірибені арттыру мақсатында, студенттердің шетел университеттерінде бір семестр оқуға мүмкіндіктері бар.

  On successful completion of the program, the PhD student will be able to (Learning Outcomes):
  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the contemporary research literature in their field of study;
  • Critically evaluate all major types of research in their field of study;
  • Identify appropriate research topics in their field of study, and generate hypotheses about such topics;
  • Plan, conduct, analyse and communicate research in writing and verbal forms, independently;
  • Make an original contribution to the knowledge in their area of specialization;
  • Explain their research and research findings to others both orally and in written form;
  • Have a deep understanding of how their research relates to the broader field of knowledge in their discipline;
  • Have an understanding of how to disseminate their research findings and to develop their academic/scholarly career through presentations, publications, and national and international networking;
  • Teach in their discipline at university level in English.

Find us:

010000, Nur-Sultan city, Kazakhstan
53, Kabanbay batyr ave.
Block 3, floor 5,
School of Engineering
+7 7172 694536

  NU Graduates shall: (Graduate Attributes)
  • Possess an in-depth and sophisticated understanding of their domain of study.
  • Be intellectually agile, curious, creative and open-minded.
  • Be thoughtful decision makers who know how to involve others.
  • Be entrepreneurial, self-propelling and able to create new opportunities.
  • Be fluent and nuanced communicators across languages and cultures.
  • Be cultured and tolerant citizens of the world.
  • Demonstrate high personal integrity.
  • Be prepared to take a leading role in the development of their country.
The typical curriculum for the PhD program is shown in the tables below (CLICK HERE):
  Current PhD Program Committee members:

Hortelano, Gonzalo 


Dept. of Biology

School of Science and Technology

Kostas, Kostantinos

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

School of Engineering

Lee, Woojin 


Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering

School of Engineering

Marsili, Enrico

Associate Professor

Dept. of Chemical and Materials Engineering

School of Engineering

Obaidat, Mohammad


Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

School of Engineering

Rojas-Solórzano, Luis 

Associate Professor
Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

School of Engineering


Rubagotti, Matteo  

Associate professor
Dept. of Robotics and Mechatronics

School of Science and Technology