Master of Engineering Management (MEM) students completed a joint course with Penn State University (PSU).

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MEM students had the team projects together with  PSU students. Our students completed over 100 assignments. There were journal entries, discussion forums, presentations, individual projects and team projects with the Penn State students. All this material is graded and they receive written feedback from Penn State and NU for each one of the assignments. They needed to fulfill the range of tasks to complete the course:

1. Include a brief overview of the project objective, scope, and list of stakeholders.

2. Examine the perspectives of the various stakeholders (including their own) in a class project. Include all stakeholders (end user, financial sponsor, government, NGO, engineers in the host country, etc.)

3. Mediate/reconcile contrasting definitions of problems and solutions.

4. Determine if they or someone else needed to shift their perspectives, if so what would it take to.

The course is run by Dr. Mariza Tsakalerou from NU SENG and Dr. Dena Lang from PSU.

Nazarbayev University’s Provost - Dr. Ilesanmi Adesida, MEM program’s director - Dr. Chrysoleon Papadopoulos and Dr. Mariza Tsakalerou, Instructor of the course, - handed the Certificates of Completion of the MS course on Globalization and Engineering (MEM527) which is delivered jointly with Penn State University.