CHME201 – Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Course description

The course covers phase equilibrium problems and modeling, the concepts of chemical potential and fugacity, flash calculations, interpretation of experimental data and selection of appropriate models to describe thermodynamics of mixtures with multiple phases and chemical reaction equilibrium.

Course Pre-Requisites: None

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Estimate physical and thermodynamic properties of pure substances and mixtures using fundamental thermodynamic equations.
  2. Describe the concepts of chemical potential, fugacity, and activity coefficients.
  3. Utilize phase equilibrium diagrams.
  4. Select the appropriate models and equations of state (EoS) for calculating phase equilibria.
  5. Perform flash calculations.

Course Outline

In this course students will learn about: the laws of thermodynamics; energy balances in open and closed systems; calculation of thermodynamic properties of pure substances (e.g. enthalpy, entropy), for ideal and non-ideal systems; phase diagrams; vapor-liquid equilibria (VLE); flash distilations calculations; solution thermodynamics, including partial and excess properties and chemical potentials; models for activity coefficients; and finally how to calculate VLE of non-ideal mixtures.