CHME222 – Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry

Course description

Introduction to the fundamental concepts of inorganic and analytical chemistry such as atomic structure, classification of compounds and chemical bonding to be followed by a rigorous approach to chemical thermodynamics and kinetics, and basics of quantitative and qualitative analytical chemistry. It is expected that students have a working knowledge of differential and integral calculus or equivalent.

Course Pre-Requisites: None

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the basic principles of inorganic chemistry.
  2. Describe the basics of some analytical chemistry methods.
  3. Design an appropriate methodology and produce usable results.
  4. Draw logical conclusions and explain the accuracy and limitations of the methods used.

Course Outline

In this course students will learn about: the classification of matter; chemical reaction thermodynamics; atomic structure and periodic table; bonding theories and electronegativity; acid-base chemistry and buffer solutions; on the chemistry of the major group of elements including the transition metals.

The principles of qualitative analytica chemistry will be provided for common cations and anions; as well as the fundamentals of electrochemistry, followed by a finial introduction to more advanced analytical techniques.