CHME305 – Chemical Engineering Lab I

Course description

The course is to provide laboratory experience in several important chemical/materials engineering unit operations involving momentum, heat and mass transfer. The course includes the design of experiment, its experimental execution, analysis of obtained data, report writing as well as development of skills in oral presentation and teamwork. The topics covered include: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics; Heat Transfer; Environmental engineering; Materials Engineering.

Course Pre-Requisites: CHME202, CHME222

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Use experimental and analytical equipment.
  2. Analyze experimental data.
  3. Write professional technical reports.

Course Outline

In this course students will perform experiments on: fluid mechanics, such as pressure drop in pipes and fittings, the functioning of pumps; thermodynamics, such as vapor-liquid equilibria, air conditioning and refrigeration units; and on heat transfer, including heat condution in metals, and using plate and tubular heat exchangers.