CHME421 – Tissue Engineering

Course description

This course is designed to cover the basics and applications of tissue engineering as an emerging therapeutic approach to treat degenerated or damaged tissues/organs. The topics in this course will include tissue engineering strategies such as the design, fabrication and utilization of biomaterials; cellular engineering including cell therapy, drug delivery; as well as cell-biomaterial interactions. Recent advances and major problems relevant to tissue engineering will also be presented and discussed.

Course Pre-Requisites: None

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the structure, function and composition of human body components.
  2. Define basic concepts (biomaterials, cells, biomolecules) associated with tissue engineering.
  3. Design scaffolds for various tissues and investigate the interaction between biomaterials and cells.
  4. Characterize engineered tissues and compare them with native tissues.
  5. Write and present scientific reports related to tissue engineering.

Course Outline

In this course students will learn about: cell biology; bioreactors for tissue engineering; micropatterning and 3D scafforling; stem cells; musculoskeletal tissue; dental tissue; controlled release; and wound healing.