CHME454 – Advanced Transport Phenomena

Course description

The course aims to provide an in depth knowledge of heat, mass and momentum transport that is necessary in assessing, analyzing and developing typical chemical engineering and environmental technologies. The course focuses on modeling momentum, heat & mass transfer processes using analytical and numerical solutions of the partial differential equations of transport phenomena.

Course Pre-Requisites: CHME300

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Assess the similarities between the transport processes and the effect of properties of the media on the overall process.
  2. Apply the techniques for non-dimensionalized problems and construct the parameters that govern the evolution of transport phenomena.
  3. Develop the model of transport phenomena and obtain analytical or numerical solutions of the appropriate partial differential equations resulted in profiles of velocity, temperature, and concentration.
  4. Develop and solve the model describing the combined effect of heat, mass and momentum transport in a typical chemical engineering equipment (heat exchanger, catalyst bed, chemical reactor, etc.)

Course Outline

In this course students will learn about: molecular and convective transport theories; momentum transport differential equations; thermal energy differential equations; rate of generation of momentum, energy and mass transfer; steady and unsteady state macroscopic balances; steady and unsteady-state microscopic balances without and with generation.